Görev Tanımı (İng)

Making protocol studies with Higher Education Institutions,
Carrying out outgoing and incoming student mobility within the scope of the Farabi program;
Preparation of relevant documents in the application, selection, orientation and evaluation processes,
Enrolling in the Registrar's Office, deleting them at the end of the semester and supporting incoming/outgoing students,
Guiding students about learning agreements,
Exchange Programs Documents Officer, Execution of agreements between universities and institutions with which protocols are signed 
within the scope of Farabi,
Making internal and inter-institutional correspondence within the scope of Farabi Exchange Program,
Following up the works in line with the demands of the students and staff,
Correspondence with the Council of Higher Education ("Student Information Form, Interim Report, Final Report") to the YÖK automation system,
Supporting other staff in the office by participating in teamwork during periods of intense coordinatorship, such as selection, report, grant application.
It is coordinated by the Exchange Programs (Erasmus, Farabi, Mevlana) Coordinator.


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